How should I go social?

With Cambridge Analytica's use/misuse of Facebook data being in the news, many people are considering an alternative to Facebook because they have lost faith in Facebook's ability to safeguard their data. So where are people moving to who want an alternative to Facebook?

The Vero service is one such alternative service and it has experienced a rapid growth in new membership. Vero does not include advertising in its business model and intends to charge a fee to its users - but has not done so yet. Vero had originally decided their first million users would be able to use the service for free for life but due to the recent wave of new users they have extended this offer indefinitely. I assume they want to benefit from the wave of disappointment in Facebook and are making it easy to transition.

So, should you switch to Vero? I say go for it and create a free Vero account while you can. If it ends up being the next Facebook you will have a free account for life. If it doesn't take off you can always cancel the account.

That's what I'm doing at least.

You need to use your smartphone to download the Vero app and follow the instructions for sign-ups. You end up giving your name, email address, and smartphone number. No muss, no fuss, just as it should be. So far so good.